Westbay Websites and COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 is currently the talk of the world. It has shaken countries, communities, and individuals. Most of the people do not believe the pandemic until it is too late.. However, everywhere the virus has struck, we has felt effects across different dimensions, including the economy, health and social aspects.

Businesses have had to close while recreational activities together with work, education, and socialization have been halted due to the call among the people to observe social distancing and stay at home so that they can minimize the spread of the virus. People and organizations. individuals, governments and non-governmental organizations, groups and companies have been in the frontline to assist manage and spread the COVID-19.

This Palm Harbor Website Developer has not been left behind. Westbay Websites has taken significant measures in response to the outbreak of the pandemic. Some of these measures have included halting of the usual activities by the organization to minimize the spread.

The pandemic is already making people close businesses and suspend most of their day-to-day activities. Has this happened in your case? How would you say that COVID-19 has affected you or your business? And what is your COVID-19 response? Well, below are some of the Palm Harbor Website Developer responses towards the COVID-19.

Cancellation of the beach tournament

The cancellation of the beach tournament is one of the activities that most of our customers value. We usually hold annual bags on the beach tournament at the Palm Pavilion.

Regrettably, this will not happen this year.

We are determined to ensure that every measure that will discourage the spread of COVID-19 is put in place. The cancelation of the annual beach tournaments at the pavilion has been made to discourage social interactions, which would lead to a lack of social distancing among the people.

Besides, it discourages the people against traveling and instead stays at home. Medical experts have emphasized that traveling increases the risk of contracting the virus. When you move from your home, there is a high chance that you will spread the virus to other persons if you are infected, or contract the virus from other people.

As such, we have continued to advocate for staying at home and minimal social distancing, which is the reason we had to cancel the recreational activities, which would have increased the unnecessary interactions among the people.

Continuity of services

What is the longest duration you have stayed without some of your most basic services? Have you been to a place where you cannot access a service you got all the time? Do you have an experience of how it feels like to some of the services which sustain you economically or psychologically?

Well, most people acknowledge the need to have responsive websites, especially now that they are being encouraged to stay at home and work from home. Most of the people will not survive when they are not doing anything at all in their homes due to boredom and fatigue.

At Westbay Websites of Palm Harbor, Florida, we acknowledge the importance of service continuity to the community. We also understand the difficulties people are going during these trying times that they are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to identify and serve our clients in our niche because we understand the need not to disconnect them to the services they would desire.

We will continue to serve its Palm Harbor and the surrounding areas such as St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa.

Supporting people and businesses online

We understand that most of the companies and individual operators have moved online. Presently, we are working to ensure that we serve you full and ensure we offer optimum assistance to your business because we understand you are working online.

We do not wish to disconnect you from our services. As such, we shall continue to maintain a high level of service delivery and support your businesses to meet the needs demand of your clients. Besides, we have the desire to adjust to your needs because we believe you are our pillar in the industry.

If you figure out anything that we could do to help you increase your reach to the customers you are serving online amidst these trying times, please let us know.


Where are you getting updates and important information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak? Well, I know there are many sources presently, but discerning the reliable sources might be a concern.

It’s important to ensure you are not misinformed by the overwhelming sources online. Palm Harbor Website Developer has ensured that our customers are getting accurate and verified information on matters of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are able to deliver accurately and verified information regarding the virus because we have partnered with telemedicine together with other virtual offerings. These partners enable us to deliver better services to our community as we moved forward together.

Primarily, telemedicine is charged with remote care of the patients. They support the issuance of recommendations and guidance by the services providers remotely when the service provider and the patient are not meeting physically. Even though this is not how we are applying the technology, at least the experts are providing us with information that we can display to our websites on safety tips that will keep people from contracting the virus.

We understand the importance of our customers and the importance of keeping our community safe. That is why we have gone the extra mile to provide such useful information to ensure that our people stay safe.

Final thoughts!

Altogether, Westbay Websites are determined to take any measure within their capacity in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We are balancing between service delivery and safety among our community members. As such, we have taken some extra measures to boost safety and service continuity while paralyzing efforts that put the lives of our community at risk.

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