How much does a website cost?

Every site is custom. So it’s important that we understand who your company is and what you need to accomplish prior to giving you an accurate quote.

Do I even need a website?

Yes. Everyone Googles you, your business, your staff. Your website holds the first meeting. Your website should shorten your sales cycle and is the only place you control your information on the Internet. It’s a big step—from clicking on your website to calling your business for an appointment to hiring you. Give your clients the information they need, quickly. Do you know what your website should share? We do because we are advertising, content and coding experts. If you want clients, you’d better make sure your website performs for your audience.

Why should we work with you?

Please allow me to give you some background.

I have been building websites for myself since 1996, professionally since 2004, and have been in business full time since 2012.

Now that we do this full time, there are several benefits for you. The most notable is that we have a team of quality web designers standing by ready to take on your work. And we’ve optimized our service quite a bit….

Our long experience means we can more accurately measure your needs and bring your custom project to success.

Are all of your websites made in wordpress?

Most of our websites are wordpress. But we do have some client projects on other platforms such as .net which we are equally comfortable with.

What is it that you need from me?

We require you to approve of our work before going live with your website. But we also have no penalty for revisions and will keep working until we get it right for you.

How hard is it for you to make our website?

We put several websites live each and every month. So for us, it’s quite routine. But there is a reason we are in this business. We absolutely love what we do.

Do you provide updates?

Yes. Most updates are turned around within the next business day.

Can I update the website myself?

Yes. If you prefer, we will provide you the login to update the website yourself and show you how to make changes yourself. Ultimately, it’s your website, but we are on hand for support.

Do you upgrade websites or build them from scratch

We do both. The amount of time we spend building websites from scratch vs. upgrading them is about 50/50.

Can you bring traffic to our website?

We do offer traffic building services. But we would like to learn more about your successes that brought you to where you are today first. This will help us direct you to a traffic service that will fit you best.

Do you host the websites yourself?

We do offer hosting. We want you to host with a service that works for you.

What kind of hosting do you provide?

We currently have 3 Virtual Machines with multiple processors, gigs of ram, and solid state drives hosted in a data center that has redundant power and internet connections.  The benefit from having us hosting your website for you includes our automated security patch and backup management as well as our higher quality support.

What kind of cloud hosting do you manage?

We currently manage cloud servers on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have worked with other large cloud partners such as Digital Ocean and joyent.

What kind of development projects do you do?

We are most comfortable with custom developments using the following tools:

Web Development tools using the LAMP stack or Microsoft’s ASP.net framework stack.

Mobile Development on Android and Apple using natives coding techniques or modern cross platforms tools like React Native, Angular, and Cordova.

We routinely build and interface with online cloud API services for better automation and synchronization across your various apps and partners.

We’re also quite comfortable with SQL, javascript, and many other development languages and hosting environments.

We have seen a lot of projects in our 20+ year career and are confident we can help your project get to a better place.

You sound like a geek? Can you speak my language?

Yes! We want to understand your business via open & prompt communication so that we can understand your goals the best that we can.

We believe in heavy time spent on  listening, documenting, and testing to make sure we are on target for you.

Do you do much business networking?

We believe in community. A lot.

Historically we have been involved in fundraising annually with the local Homeless Empowerment Project, fundraising for local schools with the Pinellas County School Board, and we are an active member in 2 local chambers of commerce to name a few.

Please find our business partnerships section at the bottom of our homepage to see a short list of the community projects that we are involved in.


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