Westbay Website’s 16 Years of Professional Website Design

Westbay Websites is a professional web design company. It has been providing website design in Palm Harbor since 2004. The company is passionate about helping people. They make simple yet beautiful websites for businesses in Palm Harbor.

What’s Good About Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor blends residential communities with commercial centers. It houses several small shops, eateries and historic buildings downtown. The famous Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club rise in this area.

Generous Festivals

The community holds many festivals and craft fairs all-year-round. On the first Friday of every month, local artists and artisans come out to showcase their craft. Local restaurants offer treats. Children enjoy the rides and some games. It is a festival for the young and old alike.

Taste of Palm Harbor is another popular event that happens on the first Sunday of October. The Palm Harbor Junior Women’s Club runs this charitable event. Their goal is to raise funds for grants and scholarship programs. The festival features live music and food tasting. There are more than twenty local restaurants in the area and seafood is their specialty.

Recreation in Palm Harbor

There is ample space for recreation in this busy, hill country. Palm Harbor houses John Chestnut, Sr. Park. It is a popular nature park and wildlife sanctuary in the district. You can enjoy a nice picnic by the lake with your family in this nature reserve.

The White Chapel is a famous landmark in Palm Harbour. This old church was built in 1924. It served as a venue for church services and food shelter. Later, Pinellas County took over the facility. They turned it into a gathering place for wedding banquets and other community celebrations.

With all the hectic events and festivities, these commercial establishments could use some professional website development services for their brand. Here comes the job for Westbay Websites.

Professional Website Designer in Palm Harbor

Vincent Campagna studied computer programming at Kent State in 1996. His passion for building simple websites led him to create his own web design company. He is the founder of Westbay Websites. He is also a Microsoft certified application developer.

Over fifteen years, Westbay Websites started making websites in Palm Harbour. It has completed several websites for various businesses. The company has been running full throttle for eight years while its founder provided web design services since 2004. That makes a total of sixteen years. The company goes on to provide these services to date.

Here are four of our favorite website designs from Westbay Websites:

JW Marriott Hotel at Clearwater Beach

Enchantment, LLC. acquired the license to use the Marriott trademark from Marriott International. This affiliation led to the development of Tampa Bay’s first five-star hotel. Westbay Websites is proud to take part in this business undertaking.

JW Marriot Hotel is one of Westbay Website’s prestigious clients. It towers above the coast on Tampa Bay overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Westbay Websites made an elegant website for this luxurious beachfront hotel. It has a minimalist design which matches the image of a luxurious hotel.

Custom Corn Toss

Corntoss is a popular game which started in the Midwest. The game is famous among barbecue and tailgating parties. Custom Corn Toss helps run these tournaments in Tampa Bay. The company manufactures and sells custom boards and other items needed for this popular beach game.

Cornhole is another name for the popular Midwest game. Custom Corn Toss makes and sells these custom Cornhole supplies. Their merchandise includes Cornhole boards, bags and other game items. Westbay Websites made a vibrant website design .which captured Custom Corn Toss’s active personality.

Captain’s Quarters

Captain’s Quarters Vacation Rentals offers a luxurious suite of waterfront relaxation homes for the entire family. It takes a 30-minute drive from Tampa International Airport to reach this Gulf Coast hideaway. The suites in this waterfront resort come fully equipped with living amenities like Cable TV, Wi-fi, DVD player, washer and dryer and a complete kitchen set. They also offer free use of a private boat.

The website for Captain’s Quarter’s is straightforward. You can easily schedule your booking at the homepage. If you need more information, simply scroll down the page. It doesn’t look as fancy as the other two websites mentioned above but it’s easy to find the information that you are looking for.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay

Here’s another simple yet sleek website designed by Westbay Websites. The main menu is conveniently placed at the top right corner of the homepage. Above it are social media icons and a donate button. All the way across the header to the left-most corner is the BGCT’s logo. This orderly arrangement and the blue background makes navigation easy. The color of the header is refreshing to the eyes.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay is a non-profit organization that provides youth development programs for boys and girls in Tampa Bay. They help young people realize their full potential to become productive, responsible and caring citizens of the state and the country at large. They have been in service for over 90 years and have helped an average of 3,000 youth daily.

Westbay Websites makes more than just custom website design in Palm Harbor. They also promote your website to help you build your brand. It has partnered with The Waiting Game, a local incentive-based monthly publication in Florida. Westbay Websites can help you showcase your brand in this monthly newsletter.

Helping Students Raise Funds for their Needs

What makes Westbay Websites different from all other web design companies? It offers a variety of professional services. Having a Microsoft certification for application development, this company also makes mobile apps for its clients. Its brainchild is a fundraiser app called pledgeperks. This mobile app was built to help students raise money for their needs.

Westbay Websites is more than just a corporate citizen. It is a helpful community that is passionate about helping people. The company is involved in several fundraising activities. It helps the Pinellas County School Board in raising funds for local schools. They have memberships in two local chambers of commerce.

The company takes pride in its almost twenty years of service. It continues to provide custom website design in Palm Harbor. Vinnie Campagna began offering professional services since 2004. He took the business full time in 2012. With all those years of experience, you can rest assured that his company can deliver the best web development services to support your business.

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