User-Friendly Websites: Palm Harbor Web Designer Cites the 5 Key Qualities Visitors Look For

In the past, websites were used to showcase a brand’s products or services. Today, the focus is now on providing users the best experience so that websites can enjoy good rankings and conversions. Because of this, it is a given that websites should now be designed around user experience.

But what makes visitors want to come back and use certain websites? Palm Harbor web designer says that there are five qualities and features that people look for in websites they would consider as user-friendly:

  1. Easy to navigate. – Visitors are drawn tomenus that are simple and easy to use and understand. A website’s primary menu must be prominent and should enable visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. At the very least, the most important pages should be at the site’s top menu level and there should be a noticeable search bar that can be used by visitors who want to find some info quickly.
  2. Mobile-friendly. – A user-friendly website is one that works well on both desktop computers and smartphones and other mobile devices. But aside from having a responsive design, users will appreciate a website witheasy-to-see buttons on mobile devices, form fields that are easy to fill out, and forms which trigger the correct keyboard.
  3. Readable text. – Most people today scan websites instead of reading them. As such, user-friendly sites are those that have fonts and texts that can be read even on smaller screens without any issues. Visitors also tend to spend more time on a page with content that is broken up into smaller paragraphs and makes use of proper formatting such as headings and bullet points where appropriate since these make the text easier to scan.
  4. Satisfactory loading time. – Nobody wants towait several minutes fora page to load. Users are often satisfied with the 6-secondloading time – something that website owners and developers should stick to.
  5. Easy-to-find-and-follow CTAs. – Finally, if visitors want to order a particular product or send some feedback, the call to action or CTA button should be easy to notice. This means that the button must clearly stand out from the background and be big enough to grab attention. Engagements and conversions are higher with websites that provide straightforward and easy-to-understand instructions and enable users to get what they want quickly.

To have a user-friendly website, user experience must be at the forefront of a web design. With careful study and planning, you can have a user-friendly website without compromising your goals and its overall appeal.

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