Simple Yet Effective Landing Page Design Tips

Creating a landing page for potential leads can help increase sales. But with so many tips online, how do you identify which ones are effective in raising your website’s ROI? Listed here are a few simple but actionable landing page design tips that can be applied to any business website.

  1. Make the information easy to read

Attention spans are shrinking. Online visitors want to quickly scan all the information presented on the page within five seconds or less. Design your landing page for these information skimmers and scanners. Use bullet points and short sentences to get your brand’s message across quickly. The goal is to make it easy for online visitors to know what the website is about, what is being offered, and the benefits of availing the product or service from your business.

  1. Use lots of whitespace

Effective use of whitespace makes the landing page look simple and clean. How the whitespace is used can direct the visitors’ attention to a specific section of your landing page. This may be the offeror the page’s Call to Action.

  1. Remove all distractions

The goal of the landing page is to convert the leads and follow what the call-to-action is asking them to do. With this in mind, make sure that there are no elements that would distract them from the ultimate goal. There should be no navigation buttons, footers, unnecessary links and similar elements from the landing page.

  1. Add relevant media

Studies indicate that when people listen, they can only remember 10 percent of what was said after three days. If a relevant image is shown with the information, retention rates can jump up to 65 percent. Add custom images or illustrations to make your landing page stand out. If your business can afford it, create videos that can be uploaded on the landing page. The moving images can tell the story better than a page filled with text.

  1. Show your contact information

Indicate the many ways how your customers can contact your business. Include your business address, phone number and even a location map of your business. The more contact information you provide, the friendlier your business appears.

  1. Only ask for the essentials

Asking for too much information can put off visitors and lower your landing page’s conversion rate. Gain their trust by only asking for basic information such as the visitor’s name and email address. You can collect more information from visitors once you have acquired their trust.

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