Palm Harbor Website Design: Converging Branding, Marketing, and Your Digital Footprint

If you’re looking for Palm Harbor website design “just because,” then you’re going to get the “wrong” design. First of all, why would you be making an investment – any investment – just because?

You need to understand what the investment is for. In this case, it’s a website design – it affects a lot of things, but most importantly, it affects your branding, marketing, and digital footprint.

Website Design and Branding

Website design is included in your brand identity – the set of aesthetic factors that define your brand image. Your brand identity includes your company name, your company logo, its colors, its fonts, your slogan, and so on and so forth. Your brand identity is a set to be used correctly all the time, so if your brand identity uses a certain set of color palettes, anything “branded” with your identity needs to follow your convention.

The same goes for your website design. Not only will an incorrectly designed website put off visitors, it won’t carry the brand colors, aesthetics, and ultimately, values that your company represents.

Website Design and Marketing

Now, since brand identity encompasses website design, then website design is invariably linked to marketing in the same way branding and marketing are intertwined.

But beyond that, your website design plays a huge role in your digital marketing. A poorly designed and structured website will hurt your chances of getting ranked high in search results when people search for keywords relevant to your business. Never mind that poor aesthetics can chase them away, too – they’ll never find you online in the first place.

Then there’s always the timeless adage of first impressions last. If the first touch point between you and a potential lifelong customer is a poorly designed website, then you might just lose that customer on a whim – a whim you could have easily avoided.

Website Design and Your Digital Footprint

We mentioned how website design and structure affects search optimization, and this is absolutely true: Google doesn’t like to show its users poorly designed and structured websites. As much as possible, Google will check whether the sites it sends users to are useful in terms of the content they offer and that their design is user-friendly.

This is because Google wants to commit to delivering great search experiences, from searching keywords to landing on websites they’ve indexed.

So your entire digital footprint is linked to website design – it’s a contributing factor to whether Google will show your site to people looking for your products or services.

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