A Palm Harbor Web Design Company Shares Tips for Creating Landing Pages That Convert

A good landing page and high conversion rate go together hand in hand. Your conversion rate will undoubtedly be high if you have an effective landing page. Consequently, it will be low if you have a poorly designed landing page.

To have a landing page that provides a high conversion rate, a Palm Harbor web design company shares some useful tips and techniques below:

  1. Ensure your landing page has a gripping headline.

First, make sure you have the same headline on your ads and on your landing page. However, you need to go one step further by coming up with a catchy, compelling headline – one that will easily catch the eye of any reader.

  1. Keep your landing page clean and clear.

The design of your landing page should be simple yet functional. It should be free from any clutter so that visitors won’t be easily distracted and turned off, making them leave before taking or completing any action. It should also let visitors know straightaway which page they landed on; your logo and other branding elements must be easily seen on the site. Your landing page should also reiterateor use the exact same copy as what you are offering on your ad or launch page to prevent confusion among your visitors.

  1. Give your visitors just one option.

In addition to keeping your landing page clean and clear, avoid offering too many choices as well. Many marketers make the mistake of providing too many choices – a hallmark of an improperly planned site. Keep in mind that you should just have one campaign and one goal and your landing page should clearly reflect that.

  1. Make conversion easy and simple.

Once a visitor confirms interest in your offer, make it easy for him or her to follow through. For example, if you are offering a free trial or a coupon in exchange for some information, the best way to make sure that the visitorsget the reward and you get something back is to ask them to complete a form. However, make sure the formis short, with the aim of getting only the basic information. If you choose to use a long one, you may scare off your visitors. Another technique would be to allow visitors to submit their details through Facebook, Google+, or Twitter – something that will help make it easier and quicker forthem to retrieve an offer and,thus make it more irresistible.

  1. Show your appreciation.

An often overlooked but helpful technique, saying thanks to visitors is an easy way to show that you appreciate the time they spent on your page. You can do this by adding a simple thank-you page after the visitor has signed up to your offer. This thank-you page can also help guide visitors to your homepage or other relevant content that they may find interesting or useful.

  1. Constantly evaluate and modify your landing page when needed.

Lastly,do regular checks and tests to find out how your landing page is performing. Whatever results you get, brainstorm ideas and come up with ways and strategies to improve its performance. However, make sure your landing page is well-designed so that italways supports the call to action (CTA).Keep in mind that when it comes to landing pages, planning is crucial.

Successful conversions will depend greatly on having a good landing page. If you want to increase your conversion rates, follow best practices, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques and trends so that you can have an effective landing page all the time.

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