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Do you ever feel like the traffic you’re getting is taking FAR too much time, money and attention away from serving your customers?

You are not alone.

We are heavily invested in delivering quality automated attention and traffic so you can focus on what matters most.

A diverse campaign at a fraction of the cost through an agency or different vendors.

Custom websites and local traffic. One company. No middleman.

Our top goal to provide quality offers with our community.

Who are we?

Hello. My name is Vinnie Campagna, founder of Westbay Websites. I began the practice with studying computer programming at Kent State in 1996. We have been doing websites professionally since 2004. In the beginning, I wasn’t looking for website business, but people saw the passion I had in building, simplifying, and helping online. Many of us need help getting a website that’s simple and beautiful. Still others need help effectively promoting their business. Serving our customers: We strive to not only get a deep understanding of our clients and their business, but also of the local community that we share. We continually strive to remain effective and relevant in this fast changing, stimulation overload world.

We would be humbled to meet you and honored to work with you. Best wishes in your success!

Vinnie Campagna

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